Celebrating Children
& Bringing Happiness

Project Giving Light wants all the children that they celebrate to know they can change the world!
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Our Why

These numbers have faces.  These children live in survival mode, surrounded by a haze of overwhelm. It is an environment of dream deprivation.
This impacts their future in powerful ways.
of the homeless population are under 18
homeless children in Orange County alone
California students experience homelessness every year
children in California per day are placed in foster care
of foster care students will graduate on time
more likely for a  homeless youth without a high school diploma to remain homeless through adulthood

What We Are Doing About It

We interrupt the haze of overwhelm with an infusion of joy & light with our birthday celebrations and birthday boxes, and we help resource tangible needs.
Birthday Box
We provide Birthday Boxes to our partners in homeless shelters and foster care so that the children in their care are celebrated on their birthdays.  Each Birthday Box is filled with a variety of gifts and essential items that will LIGHT UP their world.  Also included - a hand-written birthday card unique to every box!
Meal Cards
We provide grocery cards for families experiencing scarcity.
Birthday Celebrations
Ain’t no party like a PGL party! We bring the party every month to local shelters and schools that serve homeless and at-risk youth. There’s cake, confetti, freeze dance, a photo booth, gifts from the birthday boy/girl’s wishlists are opened, and every child leaves the party with a party favor!
Holiday Celebrations
Parties are not just for birthdays! We delight in bringing the celebration to our partner sites on special occasions (like Christmas and Thanksgiving).
Art Program
We run a monthly art program that teaches the students about famous artists and allows them to explore art fundamentals in a safe and fun environment. Allowing our students to know the stories behind these famous artists, many of which triumphed over very difficult circumstances and created beauty amidst pain and suffering.
Back To School
Statistics show that students in foster care and homelessness tend to fall behind in their education. The cycle of poverty, homelessness, and substance abuse in order to cope with trauma continues without educational advancement. We are committed to helping close this gap by resourcing students with backpacks and supplies so that they can start the school year off on track.

How Can You Help?

Sponsor a child’s Birthday Box every month ($50 recurring donation) or give to the party fund. Join our volunteer army and be a part of the joy bomb movement. Help rally your people (you know who they are) to build birthday boxes that will make a child’s birthday wish come true.